Monday, May 8, 2017

The Curse of Tenth Grave

Book 26 of my 2017 Reading Challenge
read from May 1 - 7

The Curse of Tenth Grave by Darynda Jones
Book 10 in the Charley Davidson series

Summary (via Goodreads)
As a part-time PI and full-time grim reaper, Charley Davidson has asked a lot of questions throughout her life:
*Why can I see dead people?
*Who is the hot supernatural entity following me?
*How do I get gum out of my sister's hair before she wakes up?
*But, "How do I trap not one malevolent god, but three?" was never among them. Until now. And since those gods are on earth to kill her daughter, she has little choice but to track them down, trap them, and cast them from this dimension.
There's just one problem. One of the three stole her heart a very long time ago. Can the Razer, a god of absolute death and destruction, change his omniscient spots, or will his allegiances lie with his brothers?
Those are just a few of the questions Charley must answer, and quick. Add to that a homeless girl running for her life, an innocent man who's been charged with murder, and a pendant made from god glass that has the entire supernatural world in an uproar, and Charley has her hands full. If she can manage to take care of the whole world-destroying-gods thing, we're saved. If not, well...

My Opinion
As always, I really enjoy this series.  The author does a great job of answering questions while at the same time creating new ones but it feels natural, as in real life when the more you get to know someone the deeper the story gets.  There is one annoying villain stereotype where they spend time spilling their guts before trying to kill Charley, but it's done as sparingly as possible and I'm not sure how she would get the information otherwise.

The side mysteries kept the book interesting and fit in with the storyline really well.  I appreciate the author's attention to detail regarding every character, even minor ones.

The sex scenes were hot as always but there was one in particular that felt very out of place and was too "porn"y for me, blech.

Cliffhanger ending as always so I'm looking forward to the next one.

Quote from the Book
"Michael and I don't really get along. He tried to kill me once. I refuse to be friends with anyone who's tried to kill me."

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