Sunday, September 15, 2013

Undead and Underwater

My goal is to read 100 books by the end of 2013.  I just finished book 61.

Undead and Underwater by MaryJanice Davidson

Three humorous supernatural novellas in one book.

My Opinion:
Three novellas, three mini reviews.

Super, Girl!  - The author should have saved these new characters for a full length book because it didn't work as a novella; the potential of these characters felt wasted in this format.  Too much buildup led to a very rushed ending, and the bad guy was revealed as someone we'd never met  [After I typed this, I went back and checked; the bad guy's name was technically mentioned one time but I stand by my impression that the reveal came out of left field]

Undead and Underwater - This crossover story featuring Betsy Taylor and Fred the Mermaid working together was entertaining and cute.  It's not necessary to have read either series but some of the jokes will be funnier if you have.  If you haven't read the series and want to, start with book 1; I completely disagree with the author's note that the books in her series stand alone and don't need to be read in order.  Plus I always insist on reading a series in's kind of my thing.      

Incomer - This story focuses primarily on the Wyndham Werewolves but Betsy Taylor and Fred the Mermaid appear in it as well.  Again, it's not necessary to have read any of these series but the shorthand might make less sense if you haven't.  Again, not just one but BOTH bad guys were new characters not mentioned previously in the story...not okay.

If you're a fan of MaryJanice Davidson, it wouldn't hurt to read this book but you wouldn't miss much if you skipped it either.  If you've never read her before, don't start with this one; it's not her best work.

Quote from the Book:
"Besides, karma's going to get them."
"You have to make your own karma, Sean."
"I'm not sure you actually understand what karma is, Dad."

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