Friday, August 1, 2014

Elizabeth is Missing

Book 43 of my 2014 Reading Challenge

Elizabeth is Missing by Emma Healey

Summary (via Goodreads)
Maud, an aging grandmother, is slowly losing her memory - and her grip on everyday life.  Yet she refuses to forget her best friend Elizabeth, whom she is convinced is missing and in terrible danger.
But no one will listen to Maud - not her frustrated daughter, Helen, not her caretakers, not the police, and especially not Elizabeth's mercurial son, Peter.  Armed with handwritten notes she leaves for herself and an overwhelming feeling that Elizabeth needs her help, Maud resolves to discover the truth and save her beloved friend.
This singular obsession forms a cornerstone of Maud's rapidly dissolving present.  But the clues she discover seem only to lead her deeper into her past, to another unsolved disappearance: her sister, Sukey, who vanished shortly after World War II.
As vivid memories of a tragedy that occurred more than fifty years ago come flooding back, Maud discovers new momentum in her search for her friend.  Could the mystery of Sukey's disappearance hold the key to finding Elizabeth?

My Opinion

I knew Maud would be an imperfect narrator but I was given more information as a reader than I expected.  She could hear conversations that helped me put things together even though she herself didn't understand the significance of what was being said around her.  
It wasn't very suspenseful as a mystery but was an interesting read about mental decline and the fixations/paranoia dementia can lead to.

Quote from the Book

"I can't answer her, even if I knew the answer, even if I could remember the question..."

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