Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Tough Sh*t

My goal is to read 100 books by the end of 2013.  I just finished book 56.

Tough Sh*t by Kevin Smith

Summary (via Goodreads):
That Kevin Smith?  The guy who did "Clerks" a million years ago?  Didn't they bounce his fat ass off a plane once?  What could you possibly learn from the director of "Cop Out"?  How about this: he changed filmmaking forever when he was twenty-three, and since then, he's done whatever the hell he wants.  He makes movies, writes comics, owns a store, and now he's built a podcasting empire with his friends and family, including a wife who's way out of his league.  So here's some tough shit: Kevin Smith has cracked the code.  Or, he's just cracked.
Tough Sh*t is the dirty business that Kevin has been digesting for 41 years and now, he's read to put it in your hands.  Smear this shit all over yourself, because this is your blueprint (or brownprint) for success.  Kev takes you through some big moments in his life to help you live your days in as Gretzky a fashion as you can: going where the puck is gonna be.  Read all about how a zero like Smith managed to make ten movies with no discernible talent, and how when he had everything he thought he'd ever want, he decided to blow up his own career.  Along the way, Kev shares stories about folks who inspired him (like George Carlin), folks who befuddled him (like Bruce Willis), and folks who let him jerk off onto their legs (like his beloved wife, Jen).  So make this your daily reader.  Hell, read it on the toilet if you want.  Just make sure you grab the bowl and push, because you're about to take one Tough Sh*t.

My Opinion:
First of all, the summary doesn't do the book justice but I'm too lazy to create my own.
I'm a longtime fan of Kevin Smith's.  Although I prefer hearing him speak, this quick read had many entertaining stories (I love "behind the scenes" dirt!).
Just as with his movies, Kevin Smith entertains on many layers - the top layer is funny haha (poop jokes and zingy one-liners), the middle layer is funny true (characters you feel like you know yet are crazier and cooler than real life at the same time), and the bottom layer is the moment after the laugh when you realize Kevin Smith is much deeper and smarter than people give him credit for.
Recommended to fellow fans.

My Favorite Chapter:
Holy Shit: Red State, Part II

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