Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Potty Mouth at the Table

Book 29 of my 2014 Reading Challenge

The Potty Mouth at the Table by Laurie Notaro

A collection of humorous essays about life. 

My Opinion
I like to have a light read of essays or short stories available for those stolen reading moments in the van or the waiting room.  For that purpose, this book fit the bill.  It was enjoyable while I was reading it but not difficult to put down.
One quibble I have with the author's writing style is that she occasionally makes what I would refer to as "one-liners" too long.  For example, this sentence: "I cooed over it like a baby [the natural stop to me but it continues] I gave up in order to go college instead of going on food stamps [too much]". 
This is the second book of hers that I've read.  If I saw another one at the library I might get it but I don't expect to make a lot of effort to seek her out again.

My Favorite Essay
"Live From the Bellagio"

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