Friday, November 29, 2013

Ding Dong! Gorilla!

Although I normally don't review the books I read with my kids, I am making an exception for this book to show my appreciation to NetGalley and Peachtree Publishers; we had the opportunity to read it in exchange for an honest review.
I have a daughter that also read this book, and my review will include her opinion as well.

Ding Dong! Gorilla! by Michelle Robinson

Summary (via NetGalley):
A little boy has a lot of explaining to do when a gorilla comes over and makes a mess of the house...and that's not even the BAD news!
While his mother gets ready upstairs, a boy is waiting for the delivery of a great big pizza with extra cheese.  When the doorbell rings, it isn't the pizza guy it's a gorilla!  Without even being invited in, the gorilla heads straight for mischief.  He dumps out the boy's toy box, colors on the walls, kicks soccer balls in the house, and makes a giant mess in the kitchen.  And that's not even the bad news!  While all this mayhem is going on, the real pizza boy comes, and the gorilla doesn't leave any for the family!

Megan's Opinion (my 7 year old 2nd grader):
"It was a nice book and it was sad at the end because there wasn't any pizza and he went through all that for no pizza.  And all he wanted was some pizza but then a gorilla came in and crashed everything.  The pictures were very neat and they were very colorful.  I thought it was funny when the pizza boy ran away because of the gorilla."

My Opinion:
This was a very cute book.  It was a perfect length with great illustrations.  A fun story.  

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