Monday, November 4, 2013

Then Again

My goal is to read 100 books by the end of 2013.  I just finished book 77.

Then Again by Diane Keaton

Summary (excerpt from the book jacket):
In this memoir, Diane not only reveals herself to us, she also lets us meet in intimate detail her mother.  Over the course of her life, Dorothy kept eighty-five journals - literally thousands of pages - in which she wrote about her marriage, her children, and, most probingly, herself.  Dorothy also recorded memorable stories about Diane's grandparents.  Diane has sorted through these pages to paint an unflinching portrait of her mother - a woman restless with intellectual and creative energy, struggling to find an outlet for her talents - as well as her entire family, recounting a story that spans four generations and nearly a hundred years.

My Opinion:
Although I recognize Diane Keaton enough that I could hear her voice as I was reading it, I didn't pick this book up because I'm a huge fan and wanted to know more about her specifically.  I'm just an ardent observer of people and read biographies and memoirs for the snapshot they provide into others' lives and experiences.
As much as I read them, I struggle reviewing biographies and memoirs because it would be like judging someone's life.  I will say that as a book, it read a bit slowly and whimpered out to a soft ending, but as a life and relationship with her mother, she sounds very lucky to have remained true to herself and still had success.
Neutral on my recommendation.

Quote from the Book:
"Mom was different.  She didn't judge me or try to tell me what to think.  She let me think."

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