Friday, August 4, 2017


Book 36 of my 2017 Reading Challenge
read from June 28 - July 2

Elly: My True Story of the Holocaust by Elly Berkovits Gross

Summary (via the book jacket)
When Elly was just 15 years old, she, her mother, and brother were deported by cattle car to the Auschwitz-II/Birkenau concentration camp. On the day they arrived at Auschwitz, a soldier directed Elly to the right; her mother and brother were sent to the left. She never saw her family alive again. Elly later learned that her father also had been killed in a forced-labor camp.
Thanks to a series of miracles, Elly survived the Holocaust. Today she is dedicated to keeping alive the stories of those who did not. Elly has been featured on CBS's 60 Minutes and in Steven Spielberg's Survivors of the Shoah Visual History Foundation. This book tells her unforgettable true story.

Megan's (age 11) Opinion
I like the book Elly because I love her story of how she made it through the Holocaust on her own and how even through the hard times, she managed to pull through and never give up. I'm very interested in WWII and I like hearing about people's stories because I like to hear about how they pulled through in hard times.

My Opinion
I read this book after my daughter read it and recommended it to me.  It's a nice juvenile book because she describes the difficult times but it wasn't full of despair since we knew she survived.  She did a good job describing things for a younger audience.

Quote from the Book
"In the spring, when my brother was born, the Nazis invaded Czechoslovakia. The winds of the Second World War began to blow over our heads, but no one could have imagined what would follow next. Fate changed our family's life, and our dreams would not come true."

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