Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Undead and Unsure

My goal is to read 100 books by the end of 2013.  I just finished book 98.

Undead and Unsure by MaryJanice Davidson
Book 12 in the Undead series

Summary (via the book jacket):
It's no surprise to Betsy that her trip to Hell with her sister, Laura, landed them in hot water.  Betsy isn't exactly sorry she killed the devil but it's put Laura in a damnable position: forced to assume to role of Satan (she may have the training but she looks good in red) - and in charge of billions of souls now that she's moved up in the world.  Or is that down?
But Betsy herself is in an odd new situation as well - that of being a responsible monarch suddenly in charge of all things earthbound, like her vampire husband, Sinclair, who has gone from relieved to ecstatic to downright reckless now that he can tolerate sunlight.  And if Sinclair isn't enough to contend with, Betsy's best friend Jessica is in her - hopefully - last trimester.  Considering she's been pregnant for way too many months, Jessica's become a veritable encyclopedia of what not to expect when you're expecting.  Oh, the horror...
Everything comes to a head at Thanksgiving dinner, which quickly - and literally - becomes Hell for Betsy and her family...

My Opinion:
This series gets crazier and crazier with each book.  While it does keep the story interesting since you never have a clue what direction it will go, it's unsettling to read a book that appears to have been written on the fly with no thought to plot development (backed into a corner?  Parallel Universe time!) or cohesion.  This series fell apart around the tenth book, and I hope the author takes a moment to calm down and gather her thoughts before the next book comes out.
Will I continue to read the series?  Of course.  Hopefully with more enjoyment than this book gave me.

Quote from the Book:
"Yes, this was one of the oddest confrontations I had ever taken part in, involving no less than the Antichrist, the beloved aunt of my childhood, an infant, a Civil War scholar, a billionaire, a homicide detective, and a dead physician."

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