Monday, December 26, 2016

The Color Purple

Book 71 of my 2016 Reading Challenge
read from August 29 - 30

The Color Purple by Alice Walker

Summary (via Goodreads)
Celie is a poor black woman whose letters tell the story of 20 years of her life, beginning at age 14 when she is being abused and raped by her father and attempting to protect her sister from the same fate, and continuing over the course of her marriage to "Mister," a brutal man who terrorizes her. Celie eventually learns that her abusive husband has been keeping her sister's letters from her and the rage she feels, combined with an example of love and independence provided by her close friend Shug, pushes her finally toward an awakening of her creative and loving self.

My Opinion
I really don't have much to say.  This isn't a book to be described, it's a book to be experienced.

I was completely absorbed and as soon as I closed the book I just sat for a minute and let out a big sigh.  I was so satisfied with the journey and the ending.

A Few Quotes from the Book
"Did I mention my first sight of the African coast? Something struck in me, in my soul, Celie, like a large bell, and I just vibrated. Corrine and Samuel felt the same. And we kneeled down right on deck and gave thanks to God for letting us see the land for which our mothers and fathers cried - and lived and died - to see again."

"She say, Miss Celie, You better hush. God might hear you.
 Let 'im hear me, I say. If he ever listened to poor colored women the world would be a different place, I can tell you."

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