Monday, December 26, 2016

The Way Back From Broken

Book 73 of my 2016 Reading Challenge
read from September 06 - 12

The Way Back From Broken by Amber J. Keyser

Summary (via Goodreads)
Rakmen Cannon's life is turning out to be one sucker punch after another. His baby sister died in his arms, his parents are on the verge of divorce, and he's flunking out of high school. The only place he fits in is with the other art therapy kids stuck in the basement of Promise House, otherwise known as support group central. Not that he wants to be there. Talking doesn't bring back the dead.
When he's shipped off to the Canadian wilderness with ten-year-old Jacey, another member of the support group, and her mom, his summer goes from bad to worse. He can't imagine how eight weeks of canoeing and camping could be anything but awful.
Yet despite his expectations, the vast and unforgiving backcountry just might give Rakmen a chance to find the way back from broken...if he's brave enough to grab it.

My Opinion
The premise to get everyone into this situation was eye-rollingly unbelievable but the story is pretty good if you can let it go.  The ending came together in a rushed way but it's forgivable since it's for a younger audience.

Quote from the Book
"He would go.
 Not because Jacey needed him or because Leah did or because his mother wanted to believe he was weaving her a goddamn basket at summer camp. But because all around him, houses were collapsing, and maybe it was better to be where there were no houses at all."

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